Janelle Dunlap

Current Projects

Janelle is the Creative Director of Reclaim 37, an Arts and Science Council funded project in partnership with Levine Museum of the New South and Johnson C. Smith University. A public arts project that chronicles the the past & present day narratives of historic Black spaces in Charlotte’s Historic West End utilizing the lens of afrofuturism to claim space for the future.

Recent projects completed include - an afrofuturism mural series in the Historic West End; the implementation of a small bee farm on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University to engage and develop beekeepers of color and reshaping the way time is recognized as a social construct in a collaborative project, Time Camp 002 (see below). 

Time Camp 002 - View Recap

Time Camp 001 was first hosted in Philadelphia, PA in October of 2017. Time Camp 002 is a collaborative effort of BQF and League of Creative Interventionists to “dismantle the master clock” and spread the philosophy of afrofuturists traditions, literature and arts. View video recaps here.

Time Camp 002 was a two-day program and interactive installation exploring time, alternative temporalities, time travel, and temporal shifts from various frameworks, disciplines, and cultural traditions. The program includes two days of workshops, presentations, film screenings, interactive installations and performances from local and national artists, scientists, social activists, filmmakers, writers, poets and more.