Project Gallery

“Reclamation of Space” public art series reclaiming physical, abandoned space through art to encourage ethical redevelopment through a creative community engagement series.

“Reclamation of Resources” JCSU Beekeeping Collective in partnership with the Sustainability Village at JCSU. Part of the reclamation series is to creatively reclaim resources to historic West end through the installation of a small bee farm.

“Reclamation of Time” pop up art exhibition at Goodyear Arts was a collective record of work that actively reclaims time and narrative by projecting the presence of Black people, Black culture and Black history into the future. Some narratives are bleak; such as Intergalactic Soul and remind us of historic trends that work to oppress that future and that social justice is still a relevant concept in a postmodern world. Narratives such as Garden of Journey  and Fairytale Volume help us reimagine ourselves in folklore tradition; invoking god like characteristics that reshapes and empowers higher sense of self, blurring the lines of past and future. And narratives such as Future Artifacts remind us of our obligation to the future as creators of it, by recognizing our mortality as future ancestors but also present investors of our legacy.



Digital Collage, Eviction scene pictured in Enderly Park, west Charlotte neighborhood. According to a 2010 study, Charlotte, NC ranks #50 among all US major cities for the likelihood of upward mobility of children born in poverty.


RCLM 37 Exhibit

An experimental museum exhibition that chronicles the past and present day narratives of historic Black spaces in Charlotte’s historic west side; utilizing the lens of afrofuturism to claim space for the future.

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Beekeeping as a form of pedagogy.

For two years I have worked and volunteered as a beekeeper, earning my state certification through the Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association in Charlotte, NC. With this tremendous opportunity to support one of the planet’s most endangered species and top pollinators, I am working to attract other people of color who have shared interest in agriculture into beekeeping. To achieve this I have collaborated with a historically Black college/university(HBCU) Johnson C. Smith University as well as the Sweetwater Foundation in the Englewood neighborhood of south side Chicago. Upcoming projects will explore various techniques in winterization, business development as well as honey/bees wax cultivation.